Video Game Night

Video game night was in the west basement with most people playing smash brothers on a Wii U. There was also a few residents playing mortal combat on a ps4 on the TV next to the other TV. We were taking turns passing on the controllers to make sure everyone got a turn. We played free for all and teams. received_1617303094966600


Support One Another

With Coming Out Day being on Wednesday, October 11th I made a board to educate everyone about some people’s preferences. I thought that this would be good idea so the residents could have some information so they would be more accepting of LGBT community. Coming Out Day is important for people who came out in past years to celebrate their courage as well as encourage to come out. There is many resources on campus to talk to such as RA’s, SA’s, RD’s, people with safe space training that you can find on Platteville if you search Friendly Faces and the Doyle center.

Would You Rather

The board between 3 west and 3 east for our residents we put up a fun board that you choose which you would prefer. We started with would you rather control animals or electronics with your mind. We plan to change the questions every few weeks with different fun questions and maybe two different events that we have in mind to see which the residents would prefer to do.

National Pizza Month

With October being National Pizza Month, I made a board giving  facts about pizza. Like the largest pizza ever made was 122 ft. 8 in. in diameter. The pizza needed 9,920 lb of flour, 198 lb of salt, 3,968 lb of cheese, and 1,984 lb of tomato puree. There is also different Pizzerias giving out deals this month.

Healthy Pizza Making

We went to the edible garden on campus to learn how to make a quick, healthy  pizza.  We started out by picking our own tomatoes and oregano from the garden. After that we went into the basement of McGregor, where they started to show us the steps. They also told us that we are making margarita pizza that originated in Italy.  They started with handing us a pile of dough where we added a little flour to make the dough less sticky, then spread it out on a plate with cornmeal on it so it didn’t stick. The next thing we did was put our tomatoes and oregano in a blender to make our sauce. The sauce turned out green because we didn’t cook out the red in it. After we put the sauce on our pizza we added mozzarella to it and brought it back to Melcher to cook. They tasted better than they looked! This was a great way to show my residents how to make a healthy pizza from fresh organic ingredients.