Helping you Teacher

Teachers have a hard time during finals too. They have to grade tons of papers so if you want you can donate some food that you don’t want any more and I will give it to your teacher.


Donut be stressed for finals

With finals coming up, they can be very stressful. Everyone is studying all night and not getting enough sleep. With everyone focused on studying, people forget to eat, sleep. exercise and other important things there body needs to do well which will hinder there performance. Also to help residents get food before there final there will be donuts sold at front desk during finals.


For a fun Friday night Melcher hall hosted Battleship in the school pool. People got in to groups from 2-4 in a canoe with buckets. The goal was to use the buckets to dump water in the other peoples canoe to sink them. This was a lot of fun and we had a good turn out!