Duncan Diner

3 West and 4 East went to the Duncan Diner. It was $1 for a hot dog, chips and a shake. You could draw on the table with crayons and was a lot of fun! We also played games while we waited for our food.


Cookies With the Chancellor

The Chancellor came to Melcher to talk to us. If you had any questions about anything he would answer it to his best ability. We found out some cool things about the chancellor. We also got cookies to eat on while we all were talking.

3 West Soccer Team

Few of the residents and I created a intermural soccer team. Our team name is Things Are About To Get Messi as a good funny joke. Our first game went well and we won 2-0. Everyone was working well together, having a fun time and out of breath from running. Also we are hoping to go undefeated!!!